Why are men so abusive to attractive women? Explanation:

Anita has received death threats, rape threats, verbal abuse on a massive online scale, online profiles hacked and vandalised and mass-reported for thing such as “terrorism” in an effort to take them down. There’s even an interactive web page where you brutalise her face.  A women’s rights activist in an oppressed country?  NOPE.  She’s a white american female gamer, trying to make (as in, has not yet made) a video blog on improving female characters in VIDEO GAMES.  Yes, this is actually a thing, that is actually happening…

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How to get to the “first date”. The difference between “coffee” and “dinner”.

You just met a girl and it’s going very well. She’s showing all the signs, flirting back with you, laughing at your silly jokes, and responding well to physical contact. You decide you need to take it to the next level and ask her out to dinner. She even responds very well. But when you call her a day or two later, she says she can’t make it out to dinner, but will see you another time. But each time she’s contacted, she becomes more and more distant, till finally it gets weird and she’s clearly trying to avoid you. What went wrong? Well, you asked her out to “dinner”… Continue reading

Fundamental flaws with “pickup”

There’s a lot of information online these days about “how to pickup women”. Many men experience some initial success (due to the buzz of trying something new) but then hit a brick wall. This is because, what has become known as “the pickup community” is based on a lot of fundamental flaws, and approaching things completely the wrong way.

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